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Come to Elva to collect kilometres! Have you heard that Elva is the European Town of Sport in 2021? Come to Elva and help us collect ONE MILLION active kilometres in 2021! All the locals as well as our guests are more than welcome to join!

Elva million

You can collect kilometres by using all different kind of solutions working on human power such as running, walking, skiing, bicycling, roller-skating etc. You can follow your collected kilometres by using Strava app which is conveniently compatible with your sports watch or smartphone.

How to join?

Strava app

1. Download Strava app to your smartphone which can be found for Android here and Apple products here. App is free for everyone.

2. After first set up find and join club “Elva miljon

3. While using Strava, turn on your GPS which helps you to follow your active kilometres.

4. Before starting your journey, press “Record”. As a next step you can choose the most suitable way of movement. Press “Start” and you are ready to go. After the movement do not forget to end your session by pressing “Finish”, after which you can save your data.

5. If you would like to use your collected kilometres in the competition of Elva Million as well, you need to choose “Who can see: Everyone” while saving your current session. It means your session is public and everyone can see it under Elva Million competition.

How to connect Polar and Garmin sports and smart watches with Strava app? Here you can find the instructions.

Online form

All the people who want to collect their kilometres to Elva Million but cannot use Strava app, can insert their collected kilometres manually via online form here.

Via calling

All the people who want to collect their kilometres to Elva Million but cannot use Strava app or computer, can forward the information about their collected kilometres by calling to the administrator of Elva Sports hall from Monday – Friday 9-20 via number +372 5305 8873. While calling, you need to say your name, phone number, number of active kilometres, location where you collected the kilometres.

Where to move?

Throughout the year the best hiking trails in Elva Recreational region offer a lot of joy and various opportunities to do different kind of sports. You should come and discover beautiful pine forests within the town of Elva (for example Elva Sports Park, Lake Arbi Nature Trail), as well as Nature Energy Trail, Vapramäe, Lake Viti hiking trail, Vitipalu Adventure Trail / Fairy Trail, Elva river primeval valley hiking trail, Black Lake hiking trail, Rõngu High School hiking trail and Annikoru Männiku hiking trails. The best trails for bicycling are Lake Võrtsjärv Cycling Track, Tartu Marathon cycling track and Peedu light traffic road.

Elva European Town of Sports 2021

On December 11th 2020 Elva was granted on virtual awards ceremony from Lisbon the title of the European Town of Sport 2021. This title provides an opportunity to promote our unique and rich nature environment and athletic atmosphere in Estonia and all-around Europe.

To win this title, the team of Elva Municipality had to put together a bidbook providing an overview of the field of sports together with planned activities for title year and main objectives and goals for next years. You can find the bidbook here.

The recognition of European Town of Sport is assigned every year since 2011 by ACES Europe which is a non-profit association based in Brussels working as an official partner of European Commission. Previously in Estonia this title was awarded to Kuressaare in 2020.

In 2021 Elva was the only town in Northern-Europe which was awarded by this title. In addition to Elva, this year the title of European Town of Sport was awarded to Auronzo Di Cadore (Italy), Pravia (Spain), Pontinvrea (Italy), Sansepolcro (Italy), Velky Saris (Slovakia), Segni (Italy) and La-Fare-les-Oliviers (France).

Elva Municipality was awarded as Estonian most athletic local government in Estonia by the end of 2019.

Elva Sport Heros

Elva is the hometown of many Estonian well known athletes such as two time Olympic Champion in track cycling Erika Salumäe, World Rally Champion 2019 Martin Järveoja, cyclist Caspar Austa, biathletes Roland Lessing, Indrek Tobreluts, Eveli Saue and Priit Viks; nordic combined skiers Kristjan Ilves and Ago Markvardt, speed skier Richard Anton and shooter Heli Rass.

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